Nondestructive testing methods

Technical diagnosis, examination

Engineering services

Repair and building operations


One of the Company's activities is related to development of tits control and test laboratory, that hold State Licenses to carry out diagnostics of various facilities and equipment of the refineries, chemical plants, pipelines and equipment of compressor stations, as well as gas and oil field  equipment.


1. State License РКГЛ # 000282 issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on September 22, 2006.

2. State License РКГЛА # 0001258  issued by the Nuclear Power Committee, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources on August 29, 2006.


We are glad to provide service related to inspection of equipment and materials using nondestructive techniques in manufacturing, construction, installation, repairs, reconstruction, technical diagnostic of the said facilities.

The Company's Laboratory is one of few laboratories in the country, which  have been certified as per the procedure specified by the Law. Moreover, this year the scope of certification has been extended by the scope of control measurements and permits (certificate # КZ.И.02 0574 dated September 9, 2009 issued by the National Accreditation Center (NAC) of the Committee for Technical Regulation and metrology, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan).


Nondestructive testing methods


  • (ultrasonic, radiographic, acoustic emission, visual, magnetic powder, dye penetrant inspections, etc.) of weld joints and metal structures, including main and other pipelines of different purposes and facilities on them.


The next phase of the Company's development was mastering and introduction of engineering services aimed to control quality of the building and assembling works using the method of process maintenance of the construction process.


The Company performs special building and assembling works at oil and gas pipelines, as well as different sophisticated production and civil facilities, assembling of steel vessels, building structures of tower and mast types, load-carrying structures of bridges and bridge crossings. It performs special earth works in construction of main oil and gas pipelines, construction of wells, hydraulic engineering and mud facilities, dams, dikes, drilling operations in soil, basements and superstructures for railways, construction and development of highways. The Company performs works related to anticorrosive protection of structures and pipelines, application of chemical protective coatings, electrochemical protection of pipelines, and lightning protection.


The assembling and welding works are performed by the experienced personnel using modern equipment manufactured by LINCOLN VANTAGE and weld machines Miller 401.



  • Diagnostic services, industrial safety expertise, maintenance of the equipment and pipelines of the fuel and power complex.
  • Industrial safety expertise of documents pertaining to construction, extension, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, conservation and abandonment of hazardous productions.
  • Elaboration of technical reference documents related to diagnostic servicing and step-by-step shift from the regulation operation system to the operation system "on condition."
  • Development of technical means, their adaptation to diagnostic objects and performance of comparative tests subject to determination of applications.
  • Development and introduction of systems to monitor tensely deformed condition of the pipelines for the oil and gas companies.
  • Development, design and manufacturing of stationary systems for instrument monitoring of industrial safety.
  • Training, retraining and certification of technical and scientific staff engaged in diagnostics and nondestructive inspection.
  • Supervision of power saving projects under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Our Company's distinctive features that allow it to perform the said operations in compliance with the international standards and be a partner of large international companies, are as follows:


  1. Continuous improvement of the personnel and production quality management system (NDT Services Ltd holds the International  Certificate ISO 9001:2008 issued by the International Certifying Body, ASTRAIA, in 2009).
  2. The elaborated, approved and current system to analyze production shortcomings and methods of their remedying. Customs orientated approach.
  3. The approved policy towards safety, health, and environment, which sets forth major commitments of the management, personnel that are aimed to improve the situation with safety and health.
  4. Developed know-how to improve the production process and quality of the finished goods/services.
  5. Available social programs to support and retain qualified personnel.





Kazakhstan – China gas pipeline

The Company was entrusted to perform the gas welding operations related gas receipt and release unit of the Kazakhstan – China gas pipeline in South Kazakhstan Oblast. The operations have been completed now.






Kazakhstan – China gas pipeline

The Company was entrusted to perform the gas welding operations related gas receipt and release unit of the Kazakhstan – China gas pipeline in South Kazakhstan Oblast. The operations have been completed now.

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